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3 Things That Can Derail Your Moving Project

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Few things are as disheartening as planning a move only to have it derailed on the day of the move. You can avoid such heartaches by identifying the potential causes of mishaps so that you can deal with them preemptively. Here are some of these potential issues, and how you can deal with them to ensure your move proceeds effortlessly.

Inadequate Parking Space

If you are moving your whole house, then it's highly likely that you will need a big truck on your moving day. As such, parking space may be a problem, especially if you live in an apartment or condo or anywhere with inadequate parking space. Don't forget that the moving truck also needs to park as close to your house as possible to make it easy for the movers to load your items onto the truck.

Prevent parking problems by talking to your neighbors, reserving parking space, clearing out your yard, or talking to your local HOA (homeowners association) in advance. In short, do everything possible to ensure that the parking issue doesn't surprise you on the actual moving day.

Difficulty with Getting Things Out Of the House

Depending on how your house is designed or constructed or on which floor of the building your house sits, even the "simple" task of getting things out of the house into the car may be a problem. For example, the stairs may be too narrow for your wide pieces of furniture or some of your items may be too heavy for the elevator.

Here are some tips for dealing with these accessibility or loading issues:

·         Measure all the entry and hallways to gauge whether your bit items will be able to pass through them

·         Reserve the elevator if there is need to do so

·         Dismantle the bigger items so that they can pass through tight hallways

Ignorance about Prohibited Items

There is a high risk that your chosen moving company will not be able to carry some of your items. Not knowing what these prohibited items are can derail your move. For example, many moving companies will not carry explosives (such as fireworks), weapons (such as guns) or plants, among other things. Therefore, if you make the mistake of parking everything without bothering to find out which ones your movers do not handle, you may have to unpack some of the boxes once the movers arrive. Therefore, find out what your movers can or cannot carry well in advance of the moving day.

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