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Preparing For An In-Home Moving Estimate: Four Things To Know

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Having your moving company provide an in-home estimate can give you a more accurate idea of how much your move will cost, but there are a few steps you will need to take to prepare for this meeting with the movers. Here are some things you can do to prepare for your in-home moving estimate.

Mark Items That Won't Be Moved

You may have some items you don't wish to bring with you to your new home, and that means that you won't want them included in your estimate. If your appliances will stay in your existing home, be sure to label them with a sticker that indicates this. Appliances can be heavy and difficult to move, and they can ultimately add to the total cost of your move. Similarly, any large pieces of furniture should also be labeled if they will be tossed out or donated.

Prepare To Tour Your Home

Your moving company will need to inspect every room of your home, including any attics or crawlspaces that might have items stored away in them. This will help the estimator to come up with a more accurate determination of the cost for your move. If there are items that are unaccounted for on moving day, they can still be moved, but there may be an additional charge for them. Remember to walk through the garage, tool shed, and any closets in your home as well. Cleaning out these areas can also make it easier to get a more accurate estimate, as it will make your items easier to see as your movers inspect the home.

Keep Your Driveway Clear

If you have a driveway, consider removing any vehicles from it. Your estimators may want to measure and inspect the area to determine the placement for the truck on moving day. Be sure to walk through the setup for where the truck will park, and have the estimator measure doorways in the home as well. This will help them to determine what extra arrangements might need to be made for accessing your home and getting any large items out of the home.

Prepare A List Of Questions

You may have questions about the move, the estimate, or the moving company itself. The in-home estimate appointment gives you an ideal opportunity to discuss any questions you might have, so consider writing out a list of your questions. This can help to ensure you don't forget to ask anything, and it can also help you to feel more prepared for your move.

Consider getting estimates from several moving companies, and ask each one about the total cost of your move as well as any possible complementary services that might be included in your moving estimate.