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Are You Moving Your Sewing Business To A New State? 3 Tips To Pack And Transport Your Workshop

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Over the years, your sewing business has built quite a following. While you are going to miss your local clients, you may also be excited to embark upon a new adventure where you can build your business in a new location. For many sewing business owners, one of the most difficult parts of a move is figuring out how to pack their supplies so that they arrive at the new location undamaged. You can follow these tips for your out-of-state move to make sure that your business inventory is ready to set up your shop from the moment it arrives.

1. Prep Fabric for Storage

Long distance moving can take several days to weeks depending upon how far you must transport your items. During this time, fabric that is improperly prepped for storage can develop mildew stains and wrinkles that are difficult to remove. Completed projects such as clothing and quilts can also have their stitches stretched if they are improperly folded. Always make sure that any fabric you pack is clean and dry. Then, roll large pieces of fabric on acid-free cardboard to help them keep their shape. If you do fold and pack fabric in boxes, then be sure to line the box with acid-free paper to help prevent deterioration.

2. How to Pack Your Machines

Your sewing machines are valuable tools that allow you to deliver quality services to your customers. Ideally, you should always try to pack sewing machines in their original packaging and follow the directions provided for disassembly. Before packing any type of machine, be sure to remove thread, bobbins and any fabric that you might have been working on. If you own a longarm quilting machine, then you should also seek assistance from another professional to determine the safest way to transport it to the new location.

3. Keep Your Notions Organized

Long distance movers work hard to help make sure that boxes are not jostled any more than they need to be as they are loaded on the truck. However, small bumps along the way to your new state can cause small sewing items to get jumbled up. Use compartment trays to store bobbins, spools of thread, and needles so that they are more likely to still be organized when you unpack them.

Preparing to move a sewing business takes time and planning. Now that you understand how to pack efficiently for your long-distance move, you can look forward to marketing your new business so that you can serve your new community. For more information, check out a website like