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Five Mistakes To Avoid When You Label Your Moving Boxes

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Properly labeling your moving boxes is one of the most important precautions you need to take to ensure a smooth move to your new residence. Unfortunately, a lot of people make labeling mistakes that hamper their progress both during their move and in the days immediately afterward. 

The following are five labeling mistakes to avoid to avoid problems and organization issues during your move:

Not taking advantage of color coding

Symbolizing boxes that go to different rooms or have different contents with a color system is highly convenient and efficient. A color coding system is an easy way to identify boxes from a distance so that you can get through your move with as much speed and accuracy as possible. 

Failing to set up a system for ordering your unpacking

If you take some time before you move to plan out the order of your unpacking, you can make it so that things go more smoothly on move-in day. 

Set out a system so that you can take into account any potential holdups or delays. List the numbers on different boxes for the order with which you intend to unpack things for the fastest and simplest move possible. 

Neglecting to specially label boxes of fragile items

One of the most important things you need to do to protect your valuables during your move is to label fragile items.

If you fail to label fragile items, you may handle them roughly and risk damaging them. A fragile label will minimize the chances that your possessions will suffer severe damage during the move and will also help you to further classify various possessions to send them to the right destination on move-in day. 

Using weak markers and pens for labeling boxes

When you're labeling boxes, you want to be able to make out the details of labels from a distance. This means that you should use a thick, permanent marker that won't wear off over time. 

You may want to label your boxes far in advance, and a light marker or pen may wear off over time. Use a thick marker and make sure you can make out the label from a distance to prevent holdups and mistakes on move-in day. 

Not creating a master inventory list

Your move could become out of control if you don't create a master inventory list to keep track of all of your possessions that need to be moved. This inventory list should show not only what you have, but also where and when it needs to be moved and whether or not it's fragile.